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The Directorate of Culture

Since 2008

The Directorate of culture was established in November 2008 which provides equal opportunities to all the people of the province beyond racial discrimination to avail their cultural rights, including minorities. Since it’s establishment, the Directorate of Culture has been struggling to arrange various Cultural Programs such as theater plays, Music Concerts, literary Circles, painting exhibition and cultural Festivals across the Province.

Functions of Directorate of Culture:

  • To control, promote and develop cultural activities in the province.
  • To promote the formation of cultural organizations at District and Divisional levels and to ensure that these organizations functions are effective for the promotion and development of cultural activities.
  • To develop and coordinate inter divisional cultural activities.
  • To lay down the general policy for the development of cultural activities, particularly with regard to proportion of expenditure to be incurred on cultural activities and administration.
  • To perform any other function in the field of arts and culture as may be entrusted to it by the Government.
  • Do all such acts which may be conductive to the development and promotion of culture in the province.

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